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What is a Discovery Session? 

A discovery session is a powerful way to start your journey in coaching with a complimentary deep-dive discovery session. It is a great opportunity for you to learn about the power of coaching and see how speaker coaching can help get you from where you are now, to the confident speaker you want to be. 

Is this You? 

Does the thought of public speaking make you feel sick? 


Do you struggle communicating what you do and the value of it to others? 


Do you hate networking events and feel tongue-tied and awkward? 


Do you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential? 


Do you feel like you have lost your voice? 


Are you not growing your business as much as you could, because you shy away from speaking on social media? 


Does speaking on camera fill you with dread? 

Do you want to ace job interviews, negotiations, presentations and pitches? 


Do you want to attract more clients and followers? 


Are you afraid of selling or promoting your services? 

Do you feel like you should be seen as a leader in your field, but aren’t because you don’t put yourself forward for speaking opportunities. 

What is coaching actually? 

Coaching is a conversation where we use powerful tools and techniques to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Coaching is a process where you ask challenging and thought provoking questions to help you uncover the answers within you. Through being coached, you will discover what’s holding you back from getting what you want, breaking through those barriers and taking action. As a speaker coach I specifically focus on all aspects of speaking from mindset to refining the message and to perfecting the performance. My unique coaching method “Magnify Your Message” is built up around the 3 pillars “You” “Your Message” and “Your Delivery”

Why can I help you? 

As a speaker coach, I can help you because I have been paid to perform, sing and speak since I was 8 years old and know what makes an engaging performance and the tools and techniques to achieve that.


I am the brand voice of the national Danish TV channel TV3, have sung in venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium, on BBC primetime entertainment shows and on national commercials.


Despite honing my craft as a singer, speaker and voice over artist, I struggled with self doubt, fear of both failure and success, lack of true confidence, lack of consistent action-taking and feeling like I wasn’t quite living up to my potential.


When I discovered coaching, I thought; this is what I’ve been missing to take my success to the next level! Through coaching I got my mindset in order, got clear on my goals and got the support to succeed.


Now, I am a certified coaching master. I work with some of the top brands in the world like Disney, Apple, Just Eat, H&M, BBC, Fisher Price, Nordic Entertainment Company, am the host of my own 5 star podcast: “Dare, Share, Create”, co-author of Amazon bestseller “Voice Over Secrets” and have coaching clients on 3 different continents.  

How will the coaching work? 

We sit down and have a 1- 2- 1 coaching conversation and create powerful transformations through online video sessions. If after the discovery session, you feel we’re the right fit to work together, we will discuss what a bespoke experience would look like for you. I believe we will get the best result with a tailored approach.

Why should you choose me as a coach? 

As an accredited coaching master with a 1st in Popular music performance BA from London College of Music, I use my unique combination of coaching and performance skills to coach you on all things speaker related. From getting you into the right mindset and breaking through what’s stopping you from speaking to crafting a powerful message and pitch to working on your presentation, voice and speaker skills, so you can speak with confidence, impact and engagement.


I work very intuitively so you get exactly what you need, which is why no 2 sessions are ever the same. I will be your biggest champion and will challenge you and make you connect with your success, value and your deepest why’s. I have an enthusiastic, energetic and positive style of coaching and love the connection I have with my clients. We get down to what’s really going on and our sessions are a safe space for you to express exactly what you need to in order for you to grow. Outside our set sessions I’m also there with you along the way with extra encouragement on the days of your big interviews or presentation. I deeply believe that we all have unique value to share, and it’s my mission to help you share yours.

Worried about the investment? 

Don’t! My coaching programs are affordable and I have a range of payment plans. Being worried about the investment is normal, but think about the return of the investment and also ask yourself what is the cost if you don’t take action? Think about how great it will feel when you don’t have to worry about giving that presentation. How great it will feel when you grow your business because people resonate with your message on social media. How satisfied you will feel, when you’re finally full of confidence and feel like you’re living up to your fullest potential. Ultimately, the way we communicate and can express ourselves is directly linked to our success, fulfilment and happiness. 

Money Back Guarantee

I do want to give you the reassurance that if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied after the first 30 days, then I operate with a “100% money back guarantee”. I want all my clients to be happy and get the results they want, and if for whatever reason we’re not the right fit, then you get all your money back. 

What can you expect? 

Working with me is an investment in yourself. You can expect to set clear and achievable goals and with my support take consistent action towards them. You can expect to improve in the 3 areas of my unique coaching method “Magnify Your Message”:

  •  You 

  •  Your Message

  •  Your Delivery.

You will discover what’s holding you back, push through those fears and develop the confidence to shine as your most authentic self. Unlike other speaker programmes, I don’t get you to try and fit into a mould. Instead, we work on bringing out your unique greatness. That combined with clear, engaging messages and a natural, grounded and energetic delivery will attract clients to you, win the pitches and make you feel confident in any situation. Not only will you become a better speaker, but you will understand yourself better and connect more deeply with yourself, those around you and your clients, colleagues and partners.

Next Steps

You deserve to put yourself first. No one can be anything for others unless they are filled up themselves. Don’t die with your music still inside you. Since you’re here and reading this, you know the time is right for you to take that next step to level up. If we want things in our life to change, we have to change things in our life. You’ve probably been trying things on your own, but if you haven’t gotten the results you want, book your discover session now. 

Now is the time for you to finally step into your power and be the greatest version of yourself.

TAKE ACTION - and book your complimentary discovery session NOW

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