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How to record an audiobook
A step-by-step video course to bringing your audiobook to life

Record a great audiobook, people will actually buy, listen to and enjoy!

  • Follow a step-by-step proven method for a great sounding audio book. 

  • Get Industry insider tips for recording success.

  • Learn how to read your book in an engaging way.

  • Find out what is ideal for you: studio vs homestudio

  • Get your book recorded and edited

  • Get your book published on Audible, Amazon and Itunes

  • No overwhelm or confusion

BONUS - Get complimentary feedback on a recording of your choice


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Everything you need to create a professional, great sounding and engaging audio book

The course is split into 5 powerful modules, giving you all the tools and skills you need 

The Text

How to create the audiobook script

Reading out loud

Preparation and practise

Testimonials, footnotes and quotes

Delivery: Pace, phrasing, clarity, accents, characters, breathing

The Recording

  • The equipment: microphones, software, headphones etc

  • Studio vs homestudio

  • Recording Technique

  • Clothes & jewellery for recording day

  • Food and drinks

  • Recording day prep & checklists

The Voice

  • Voice basics

  • Hydration

  • Warming up your voice

  • Preparing your voice for recording

  • How to handle colds, sore throat etc

  • Tips for recording days

  • Vocal exercises

The Post production 

  • Editing your book 

  • How to get your book onto Audible, Amazon and Itunes

  • Upload specifications

  • Artwork

  • Earnings

  • Promotion

The Mindset

  • Common recording pitfalls

  • Perfect vs good enough

  • Get in the zone! 

  • Visualise success

  • Handling negative self-talk, nerves and self-doubt in the studio


  • Checklists

  • Recommended equipment

  • Professional recommendations: audio engineers, editors, studios

  • Get personal coaching with Elisabeth

What people say!


I was really intimidated by my upcoming audiobook recording. I’ve never had my voice recorded before, but I felt my book could not be read by anyone other than me. Elisabeth’s training really bolstered my confidence. She gives you practical tips, lays out the most important principles and gives you access to her vast toolkit. Thank you! 

Mallika Paulraj, Author of How the Best Invest


Who is it for? 

This course is primarily for authors with little to no experience recording voice overs. However, the course will give you the skills to record any audiobook.  

Will this work for me as a beginner? 

Yes, the course is easy to understand and gives you all the knowledge you need in a step-by-step guide, that is easy to follow. 

How long will I have to complete the course? 

The course is self-study, so you can take as long or as little time as you wish. We recommend that use the momentum and get the course completed so you can get your book made! 

Is it suitable if I want to record other peoples books? 

Of course. Although the course is primarily aimed for authors, the skills you learn can be used with any book or text.  

What equipment do I need to do this course? 

You won't need any equipment to do the course. But if you choose the homestudio route, you will need to buy equipment. We go through it all in the course as well as share our recommendations. 

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