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LAUNCHING 29th April 2024

To celebrate the launch I'm doing a Free Live Training,

Monday 29th April, 7pm,

where I go through the 5 modules, answer any questions you might have and it's your chance to get some  coaching with me! 

PLUS - everyone on the free training, who signs up for the course, gets a very special BONUS! 

How to record an audiobook
A step-by-step video course to bring your audiobook to life

Record a great audiobook, people will actually buy, listen to and enjoy!

  • Follow a step-by-step proven method for a great sounding audio book. 

  • Get Industry insider tips for recording success.

  • Learn how to read your book in an engaging way.

  • Find out what is ideal for you: studio vs homestudio

  • Get your book recorded and edited

  • Get your book published on Audible, Amazon and Itunes

  • No overwhelm or confusion

BONUS - Get complimentary feedback on a recording of your choice

Everything you need to create a professional, great sounding and engaging audio book

The course is split into 5 powerful modules, giving you all the tools and skills you need 

The Text

How to create the audiobook script

Reading out loud

Preparation and practise

Testimonials, footnotes and quotes

Delivery: Pace, phrasing, clarity, accents, characters, breathing

The Recording

  • The equipment: microphones, software, headphones etc

  • Studio vs homestudio

  • Recording Technique

  • Clothes & jewellery for recording day

  • Food and drinks

  • Recording day prep & checklists

The Voice

  • Voice basics

  • Hydration

  • Warming up your voice

  • Preparing your voice for recording

  • How to handle colds, sore throat etc

  • Tips for recording days

  • Vocal exercises

The Post production 

  • Editing your book 

  • How to get your book onto Audible, Amazon and Itunes

  • Upload specifications

  • Artwork

  • Earnings

  • Promotion

The Mindset

  • Common recording pitfalls

  • Perfect vs good enough

  • Get in the zone! 

  • Visualise success

  • Handling negative self-talk, nerves and self-doubt in the studio


  • Checklists

  • Recommended equipment

  • Professional recommendations: audio engineers, editors, studios

  • Get personal coaching with Elisabeth

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