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My story

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From letting my fear of not being good enough stop me from fulfilling my potential, I now live my dream life and coach people across the world. Helping them find their voice and become confident speakers and get greater success, impact and happiness


Growing up in a small town in Denmark, the biggest values seemed to be fitting in, conforming and not shining too brightly. As a sensitive, creative child with a talent for drama and music, I didn’t feel like I could be truly myself. I lived with the sense that, although I could impress people with my performance and singing, as a person I was too much: too big, too loud, too difficult, too emotional, too dramatic. I learned early on to make myself smaller and dimmer to fit in! And I felt like I had to silence my voice apart from when I was singing, in order to be acceptable, likeable and ultimately worthy of love. 


So, I spent my childhood and teenage years trying to fit in and getting good at acting the part of whoever I thought others would prefer to see.  Apart from a brief rebellious teenage phase where I decided to own my big dreams and goals of wanting to be a star, I learned to keep quiet about my true desires and the person I felt I really was. But the disapproval, distain and disbelief from teachers, wider family and friends also lit a fire in me, that said… I’ll show them!


At 18, straight out of high school, I left my hometown and went to London to chase my dreams of being a star and performer and finding my authentic self. I ended up doing some pretty incredible things but as we know, the gremlins always move with you. 


Although, I, in my early twenties, pursued my dreams of being a pop-star, my internal sense of not being quite good enough stayed with me. 

Even after I had sung in iconic venues like Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Stadium and in front of 1 million people on live TV in Berlin’s NYE show, I still didn’t feel good enough. Even after I graduated with 1st in my bachelor in Popular Music Performance at London College of Music, and after was offered the full-time position of being the brand voice of Danish national tv channel TV3, I still didn’t feel good enough… I felt like I was an imposter and that I would be found out, criticised, judged or rejected. 





After graduting and starting the full-time job for TV3, I found myself slipping into apathy, despair and frustration. Although I was making good money and had a fairly prestigious job where I was learning my craft as a writer and voice over artist, I felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential and certainly wasn’t living my dream-life. Instead I was commuting and working 9-5.30. 


After a couple of months I had a minor breakdown. Everything felt pointless. As if everything I had worked so hard for for years was wasted and I would never fulfil my dreams.


I had counselling which made me see things from different perspectives and this is where I discovered coaching. I always had an interest in human nature and psychology,  already used a lot of coaching techniques on myself and I loved the accountability and result-focused aspects of coaching. So, I began to study coaching and coached other creatives who, like me, were struggling to reach their goals and were letting fears, lack of confidence and limiting beliefs around success stop them from going for what they truly wanted.  


During this time I also started doing  public speaking and was asked by others to help them with their presentations, speeches and pitches. An area where I could combine my performance expertise and coaching skills in a powerful way. 


After 5 years working full-time at the TV station, I transitioned back to working for myself. Still as the brand voice, but on my terms. Realising I was now in charge of my own career and destiny, I felt overwhelmed but determined. 


Searching for more meaning and purpose, hacks to achieve my goals, ways to overcome self-imposed limitations and how to create a successful business, I went full on into a self-development journey: walking on fire, being coached, reading self-help books, meditating, journalling, business courses and going to a myriad of networking events and seminars all over the world.   



At all of these events, I noticed how many entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches really struggle finding their voice and articulating what they do and their value. Their fears, self-doubt, beliefs, disempowering stories and lack of confidence and practical skills around speaking, stop them from realising their dreams, reaching their full potential, getting the success they could have and is depriving the world of their gifts. Something I can deeply relate to. The great thing is, I also realised that I could help them overcome their problems. 


Through working with people from the creative fields all the way to hedge fund directors, I created my signature Magnify Your Message- method- where we work on:

  • You

  • Your Message

  • Your Delivery

All 3 are essential pillars if you want to get your message across in an authentic, confident and powerful way that connects with people. 





From letting my fears of not being good enough stop me from going for it, I now coach people on 3 different continents, work with brands like Disney, BBC, H&M, Just Eat and FisherPrice, deliver workshops and trainings to international companies and am a speaker coach for Apple and Nordic Entertainment Group. 


If you’ve been inspired by my story, and are ready to finally let go of your inner imposter, the feeling of not being good enough; feeling like you’re not living up to your fullest potential and ready to step into your power and find your voice. Then book a free Discovery Session with me now - Find out more by clicking the button below! 

Performing with Right Said Fred
Danube Festival, Austria, Pride Stockholm and Wembley Stadium London
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Interviewing Gene Simmons from Kiss about confidence in front of 3000 entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, 2017

From fearful to powerful!

Recent Clients include...

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