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My recommendations

Here are links to my favourite products and equipment in various prices ranges to suit your budget. Click the links that will take you straight to the products. If you have any additional questions, drop me a message below. 

Microphones with XLR Cable.
Note, you will need an interface if you go with this style of microphone
USB Microphones 
These plug straight into your computer without the need for an interface. 
  • Apogee Mic plus - Fantastic little USB microphone. I use it as my travel mic and record broadcast standard speaks with it. 

  • Audio-Technica 2020USB+ Condeser Microphone. Great option and budget friendly. 

  • Røde NT-USB with pop filter and tripod. Good and budget friendly. 

You plug the microphone and headphones into the interface, and the interface into the computer. 
Pop Shield, Microphone shields & soundproofing


Vocal Care

Get all the PDF documents with checklists etc from How to record an audiobook! A step-by-step guide to bringing your audiobook to life!  

Get these and more... 

Get your complimentary PDFs here

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Audio-book resources.jpg
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Audio-book resources-3.jpg
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